Case Study Write-up

For my case study I did, Picobrew.
Picobrew is a in home brewing system that two brothers, Bill and Jim Mitchell, started 5 years ago. Jim, a food chemist and physicist, went to his brother Jim, a software programmer, with a idea to create a brewing system that people could use to make their own beer. After teaming up with a few others and a huge backing in 'Kick starter' (1.5Million dollars) they have released three different types of systems. Their value proposition would have to be "quality home-made beer simply made for the average person", kick starter was huge in their marketing, helping them spread their idea and product, lately they have been doing more on their own site and social media, with one of their coolest idea, a "brew marketing" side where you can share and possibly make money off the beer you make at home over the internet to others worldwide. My opinion on this is, right now their price point does not meet to everyone's standards but…